Homeowners have frequently contacted Casa Feliz for the names of contractors who are experienced in working on old or historic homes.  Because our mission is to promote historic preservation, we want to make it easy for homeowners to find reliable contractors who do quality work on older homes, as well as time-tested quality work on newer homes. For any homeowner who chooses to restore and preserve, we applaud you and hope this will help make your life easier!

WORDS OF CAUTION:  The contractors listed have provided service to members of the Friends of Casa Feliz who live in old or historic homes.  These members have reported that they were satisfied with the work of these contractors.  Casa Feliz does not and cannot endorse any of these businesses or guarantee their work. We assume no liability or responsibility, implied or otherwise, for results from anyone on this list.   We only present this information as a service to homeowners who are seeking contractors experienced in the unique challenges of working on older homes. Any relationship, for better or for worse, is strictly between the two interested parties—the homeowner and the contractor.  Be sure to ask for – and verify – references.  Also ask for verification that businesses have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK:  Confirm current licenses and check for complaints with the State of Florida: 850.487.1395 ( Confirm Local Business Tax Receipts (formerly known as occupational licenses) with cities and counties (Orange County: 407.836.5650, Osceola County: 407.742.4000, Seminole County: 407.665.7636). Verify liability insurance and workers compensation insurance coverage for any contractor you select.

If you are planning a major project for your historic home, be sure to consult with your city’s Historic Preservation staff to be sure that you have the proper approvals prior to starting work.  For Winter Park, the contact person is Lindsey Hayes (407-599-3498).  For Orlando, the contact person is Richard Forbes (407-246-3350).

Please question recommendations that insist upon replacing historic elements without considering restoration. While sometimes this is necessary, restoration of historic features is always preferred.

WE’D LIKE YOUR FEEDBACK: Our list is not comprehensive since we rely on the recommendations of our members for listing.  Businesses not listed here may be just as qualified as those included.  If you are a contractor who specializes in working on old or historic homes in Central Florida, you may apply to be on this list by submitting a summary of your qualifications, along with three letters of recommendation from owners of old or historic homes on which you have worked.  Our committee will happily consider your qualifications for inclusion. Homeowners, you may report any problems in writing to the Friends of Casa Feliz: Verifiable complaints may lead to the removal of a business from the file.

The Friends of Casa Feliz Contractor/Craftsman Referral List is available for download in pdf form.