The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) and the Winter Park Register of Historic Places was formed in order to recognize, preserve, and promote the historic buildings and sites in Winter Park. The unique charm of Winter Park today is due, in part, to its rich collection of vintage architecture.

The appointed HPB members offer a range of professional knowledge and expertise about preserving the historic character and quality that draws residents and visitors to Winter Park. They recommend properties to the City Commission for listing on the Winter Park Register of Historic Places. The HPB also guides owners as they rehabilitate their historic properties for an efficient contemporary use while preserving the features which are significant to its history, architectural and cultural values.

Requests for designation to the Winter Park Register of Historic Places are presented to the HPB. The criteria for consideration are based upon the U.S. Department of the Interior's Standards. Typically, properties must be at least fifty years old, retain their historic appearance and be associated with a person, event, architect, builder, development pattern or architectural style important to history. There is no fee for designation. Designated individual properties and properties within a designated historic district will need a Certificate of Review for exterior additions or alterations. Depending on the proposal, the HPB reviews the request at a public hearing or in a committee meeting. Variances from the Land Development Code that are appropriate for a project are granted through the HPB. Historic properties may be eligible to activate or add accessory dwelling units such as garage apartments or guest cottages. Historic rehabilitation projects may be eligible for ad valorum tax deferral and or federal tax credits. There is no fee for design review or variances. For more information, contact Brooks Weiss, City Architect at 407.599.3323 or at