Casa Feliz Parlor Series

The Casa Parlor Series is a sequence of lectures and performances and owes its name to the house's historic reputation as "Winter Park's Parlor." Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bruce Barbour, the original owners of the home, were heavily involved in cultural organizations, and frequently opened their doors to the community. Archived copies of "Winter Park Topics." a society newspaper from the 1930s through the1950s, have the Barbours hosting a fundraiser for the Cervantes Society, a garden tour, a dance performance to benefit European Orphans, and archaeology lectures. The Parlor Series events take place in the Polly and Thaddeus Seymour Parlor, the main living room at Casa Feliz. In 2008, the parlor was dedicated to the couple who tirelessly worked for Casa Feliz's move and restoration, and continue to lend their considerable talents to the Friends organization. The goal of the series is to engage the community in discussions and performances relating to the organization's core values: appreciation of the area's unique history and the importance of preserving our rich architectural and cultural heritage. 

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